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Website Design

A responsive, aesthetic and easy-to-navigate website is a critical component of any digital marketing strategy. Page layouts, high-quality visuals, landing page copy, blog content and color scheme must all combine to deliver a cohesive, engaging user experience.

In many cases, Digital Details can use existing images and artwork to keep costs low when rolling out a new website. Alternatively, we can give your site a whole new look!

clinical trial recruitment website development

Website Development

Web development can range from a simple brochure style website with basic information to a complex web application with many features and functions.

Development activities ensure you get the functions and features you need to operate your business. Correct SEO practices are infused throughout our website development activities. Ensuring a mobile ready, responsive and fast loading website.

Website Design and Development with Digital Details

We use our programming skills to deliver a website which is search engine optimized and provides the features for growing a business. What do you want your website to do? Bring us your requirements and we will get the job done!

    Example websites:

  • A biotechnology company website for clinical trial recruitment
  • A medical device manufacturer website for a newly approved device
  • A single location dental office
  • A multi-location family practice
  • Physical therapy practice with many locations
  • A regional nursing association membership website

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