HIPAA Compliance for Doctors

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HIPAA Compliance in All Activities

Protecting patient information is needed on many levels in digital marketing and operations.

It’s best to put a HIPAA compliant solution in place upfront rather than trying to avoid a fine and correct mistakes after a HIPAA violation has been reported.

Reporting a data breach and correcting problems takes time and resources away from growing your business. Not to mention the stress from knowing the Federal Government is looking into business.

HIPAA Compliance with Digital Details

We provide digital marketing services and operations management with HIPAA top of mind at all times. We ask the question “is this HIPAA compliant?” before undertaking any project.

Digital Details is focused on HIPAA.

  1. Our digital marketing activities often collect patient information and we do so with HIPAA in mind
  2. We look at patient information flow through your organization and recommend solutions
  3. We partner will leading compliance and audit firms
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