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Landing Pages

Even the best advertising strategy will fall flat if patients click a link only to land on a poorly designed landing page. Therefore it’s important social media, SEO and pay-per-click efforts result in visitors reach compelling website landing pages.

To establish confidence, the inclusion of trust signals such as patient testimonials or media mentions can be beneficial. Digital Details measures landing page performance to make sure your investment pays off.

Landing Pages by Digital Details

A landing page should have one goal, encourage the prospect to take action. Not only does visual design matter here, but on-page messaging is also critical.

To ensure action, Digital Details creates landing pages that :

  • Load quickly
  • Are visually appealing
  • Include impactful headlines
  • Contain keyword-optimized, easily digestible content
  • Feature a crystal clear call to action
  • Contain easy-to-fill forms

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Good Landing Pages Increase Leads

On average, businesses see a 55 percent increase in leads simply by increasing the number of landing pages they have. Leads are great, but until they convert, they don’t add dollars to a doctor’s bottom line.

Just a single second of extra load time can decrease conversions by up to seven percent, while clunky navigation and low-quality visuals drastically decrease credibility.