Digital Marketing for Doctors

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Over 93 million Americans search for health-related information online – that’s 80 percent of internet users in the United States.

Physicians who aren’t currently taking advantage of digital marketing are losing out on leads, dropping their bottom lines and ultimately, sacrificing credibility. Today, digital marketing is taking precedence over traditional marketing tactics and referrals. To remain competitive, transitioning to digital is key.

Fortunately, implementing digital strategies into an existing medical marketing plan is absolutely doable; it just takes substantial time and technical know-how. For busy doctors, time is often in short supply – and that’s where a full-service medical marketing solution comes into play.

What digital marketing trends and staples should doctors incorporate into their comprehensive marketing strategy?

Digital marketing is complex and ever-changing – but highly effective. With the proper knowledge and tools, developing an effective strategy can yield a substantial return on investment. Without the appropriate expertise, however, doctors can waste considerable time and monetary investment on largely ineffective marketing efforts. Just as it’s best to trust health concerns to a physician, it’s best to trust digital marketing to the professionals.